Safe in my temporary home!

I arrived in Yei on Tuesday morning and received a very warm welcome from Fred and Libby Dearing as well as a few of the pastors and youth leaders at the local church.  During these first few days I have been working on adjusting to the culture as well as the time and the heat!  I have also been working closely with Peter Lomoro who is one of the youth leaders from the district.  We have been planning and budgeting for our upcoming two-day Youth Leader Retreat.  He tells me that the Youth Leaders are excited to gather together to worship, praise, and learn.  I have been relieved to learn that Peter thinks the things that I have prepared will work very well.  Please be praying for the upcoming retreat which will take place from Tuesday evening until Thursday afternoon.

I have been learning many things about the culture of the Sudanese people.  One thing that really touched my heart was hearing that because mothers have many children, an older sibling is often responsible for leading and teaching the child that comes after.  They a child will say about a younger sibling: “This is my follower. I will lead and take care of her.”  A younger child may say: “I am her follower, she guides me.”  This makes me think about what it means to be a Christ Follower.  He asks us to come behind Him and let ourselves be taken care of and led!  The thought brings peace and joy to my heart!

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