In need of some fish…

Praise God! I just learned that there will be 51 United Methodist Youth Leaders at the two day retreat that I am facilitating early next week!  We are also expecting more than 150 youth at EACH of the 5 one-day follow up sessions that will be held in the villages.  This is more than double the number we originally anticipated! My initial budget for these gatherings did not include the cost of food for nearly this many people! In order to accommodate these 750 youth, we will need an additional $500. This additional money will keep us from having to turn away youth who have been looking forward to this event.  If you area able to contribute, please email me and we will work out the details! My heart is so happy to know that God has given us the opportunity to make disciples and be a blessing to so many youth! Praise God!

2 thoughts on “In need of some fish…

  1. Hello Elizabeth,
    Milt and I are excited about the wonderful work that you are doing, we would like to pledge an additional $50.00 to help you with the work that God has planned for you.

    Please advise us on how we can do this. We urge others to step up to the plate and help. May your trip be richly blessed and results seen in the work that you and the others are doing, May God bless all of you with his love.

    We love you and travel safely,
    Milt and Mary Lou

  2. Elizabeth I am so proud to see God working through your efforts! I will be glad to support your endevor by giving and aditional $100.00! I love you and I love what you are doing ❤ 🙂 Dad

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