Close my eyes and jump!

I remember jumping off the high dive when I was little.  I can remember hopping out of the van at the swimming pool and proclaiming to my sisters “Today I am going to jump off the high board!”  I have a vivid memory of running to that tall ladder during the first adult swim of the afternoon while yelling for my mom to get ready to catch me.  Along the way I made sure that my sisters and friends were looking.  As I climbed up all those steps, I was too excited to think any negative thoughts about what was to come.  The most vivid part of my memory was slowly walking out to the end of the long blue board.  With every step closer to the end, the board got bouncier and the fear became stronger.  By the time I reached the end, I was overwhelmed with anxiety about the jump in front of me and became paralyzed.  As I sit here this morning, I’m experiencing some of those same feelings.

As I’m sure you have all witnessed (and probably even experienced on your own), the next few minutes were filled with urging and reassurance from my mom and sisters (and I’m sure more than a few “HURRY UP! JUST JUMP!”s).  I can’t say for sure how the story ended that first time I wanted to jump; maybe I mustered up the courage or maybe I was conquered by fear and backed down that ladder.  What I can say for sure is that I eventually jumped, not because I was tremendously brave, but because the words of support and encouragement from my friends and family were stronger than all of my doubts.

In just a few hours we will cram my bags full of birthing kits, medical supplies, clothes, shoes, and other necessities (including several boxes of macaroni and cheese, ranch packets, a favorite blanket, a meat grinder and just a small crock pot) into the back of my sister’s van.  Once again I am certain that I have not overcome the paralyzing task because of my own bravery, but because I am surrounded with all of you cheering me on.

Thank you for all the encouraging emails, cards, texts, phone calls, and facebook messages. Thank you for both the silent and verbal prayers. Thank you for the small donations and the large ones. Thank you for showing me your love and thank you for having faith in me.  Thank you for helping me get there! (Now let’s just hope that my deodorant does, too!)

8 thoughts on “Close my eyes and jump!

  1. We are praying for you Elizabeth as you begin this journey that Jesus Christ has called you to. Remember He has smoothed out the path that is before you all you need to do is take hold of His hand and grasp tightly…be still and know that He is God. He is going to use you in ways that you are unaware of right now, but they are all going to be to the glory of the Father that has sent you. He will bless you for answering His call, for following in obedience to His will. Remember that there are many that are praying for you and that you are never alone….grasp His hand and hold on tight, follow Him as He continues to lead the way.
    Much love to you my dear sister in Christ and wonderful neighbor,

  2. Praying for you Elizabeth! Your calling is amazing! Many are called few are chosen! You are among the chosen ones!
    Love and Blessings to you and your family!

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you today. Have a safe journey and a peaceful mind. You are where you should be at this time in your life.
    Much love and hugs!

  4. You go girl! I know that you will do great things and be a strong witness for the Lord. You are His chosen girl for this job!

  5. Hang in there Liz Gods got his big old hands right out there to catch you if you stumble. You’ll be fine and make us all proud. Thank you for the life changing influence you’ve had on Taba. You will be in our prayers, so just close your eyes and jump. In his love Gramma Bonnie.

  6. My prayer is that our prayers carry you through the next year, Elizabeth. I love your honesty about pride,bravery, and fear. And how you haven’t let those feelings get in the way. Please let us know your okay as I saw that 25,000 had to flee a refugee camp on Aug.10th due to fighting.

  7. Hi Elizabeth, We are keeping you all close in thought and prayer as you get settled. We love you very much!

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